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A Tribute To A Great Life Coach

Yesterday my grandfather passed away at the age of 92.

It was a day I had been emotionally preparing for, yet it was a very emotional day for me. 

My family began posting beautiful tributes to him on Facebook. 

The thing that stood out to me is how many people said that he impacted them:

“He was an inspiration.”
“He changed the direction of my life.” 
“If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am today.”
“I will be forever grateful for his influence on my life.”
“He was the most positive person I’ve ever met”. 

That sounds a lot like a life coach, I thought. 

Then I started thinking about how truly remarkable it is that he showed up in the world that way despite being deeply traumatized from war and not understanding that he was until the last decade of his life. 

It’s really incredible to think about because he had every reason to live his life closed off, and yet he lived with an open heart. 

He had every reason to be cold to others, and yet he was warm. 

He overcame the adversity of his trauma and shared love and hope with everyone he came in contact with. 

That genuinely sounds like a life coach, I thought. 

My cousin shared that one of her favorite stories of him is when he discovered the concept of “wabi-sabi” which is a Japanese worldview centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection while finding beauty in it. 

She said, “he was fascinated by its truth and simplicity and you couldn’t help but be fascinated right along with him.”

Ahh yes, I thought, that's typical for a life coach. We geek out on that stuff.

At age 90 he wrote an outline for a book he wanted to write called “Your Life Story” which I am very fortunate to have. 

It’s a personal growth/self-improvement book that focuses on mindset and spirituality, and the power of the combination of the two. 

I read through it this morning and then a “light-bulb moment” happened for me…

Grampa absolutely was a life coach.

That’s why he was always so excited to talk to me about life coaching. 

As I started to connect the dots further, I made a connection to the intro he wrote for his book. 

He questioned why writing a self-improvement book as someone who isn't a writer or an educated expert made sense. 

Although he didn’t have an official title to make him qualified by societal standards, he knew that his life experience and acquired wisdom were his undeniable qualifications. And above all, he believed in himself as a messenger of that wisdom. 

Now that's a life coach!

His impact on my life was tremendous. He was someone in my life that understood the power of the mind and how to harness the mind-body connection. 

I believe it’s a major contributing factor to him making it to 2024. 

I remember when he shared a book with me called Mind Over Medicine and I was able to put the puzzle pieces together with the concepts in the book and my own healing journey.

Instead of telling me what to believe about my healing, he invited me to explore the possibility of seeing it through a new lens, and that lens was life altering for me. 

Total life coach move!

Like most life coaches, my grandpa loved the “light-bulb” moment when it happened to him, and when it happened to others.

He would have loved the one that happened for me today!

He loved seeing people recognize how capable and powerful they are when they connect with their divine essence. 

He believed that everyone has gifts that the world needs and that the key to happiness is finding a way to share your gifts with others. 

“Everything that will make you happy is already within you,” he wrote in his Chapter 1 outline called: You Are Unique. 

Now I can’t read that, without acknowledging the fundamental life coaching perspective in that. Can you?

The truth is, my grandfather was a life coach–whether he knew it or not–and he was a great one at that.

His testimonies speak to that!

At least, that is how I will remember him…and you know, I'm certain he would love that too. 

To my beautiful and amazing family, I would really love to hear what you think. 

Was Grampa a life coach? 

Please let me know by sharing your thoughts in the comments!

I love you all so much. 

My grandfather coaching while he was officiating my wedding.
Here he is in action, doing some coaching while officiating my wedding.

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